About Us

Our Core Philosophy

We believe that there should be no substantial trade off between quality, price and sustainability. From materials to manufacturing, we ensure we don’t compromise for less. Away from our products, we’re big advocates for the outdoors and natural world.

Meet the Founder

Whilst studying Human Geography at University, the huge problem of fast fashion stuck with me and I felt determined to try to do something about it. After saving as much beer money as I could and maxing my student overdraft, I put it all on the line and started Cove.

The mission of Cove was simple to me - prove that a small, independent business with no financial backing could be truly sustainable whilst also being successful. 20 months later and I am mega busy handling all of Cove's operations myself; from picking, packing and posting to producing and posting content across social media. I'm extremely grateful to those who have supported the mission so far and am confident that this is just the beginning!

Chapter Two is Live - Find Out More

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Cove Clothing

Things are changing here at Cove. I started Cove whilst in my second year at University. Two years later and I’m fortunate that I’m now full-time with Cove and I’m loving every second. Here’s to the future progress of the brand.