2 Years On

2 Years On

2 years in. What a ride it’s been. It’s been a minute since I updated this blog, but it’s a new years resolution to do so more frequently this year! Read on for a recap of the past year, and some insight into the exciting things to come!

New Products

Introducing a whole range of new products was by far and away the biggest step forward for Cove. In 2021 we tripled out product range to now over 50 different products, in 9 different colours but all made from innovatively sustainable materials and in ethical conditions. Growing allowed us to diversify and release our first accessories, (offshore bottles and Pentire caps) as expanding our different fits/sizes to accommodate for an even wider demographic.

Toward the end of the year we released a handful of new products, including our new heavier tees as well as our now best-selling quarter-zips.

Cove Clothing standing by a landcover


Everyone knows that it’s tough to stand out online nowadays. This year I continued to invest into high quality imagery and have had the pleasure of working with some incredible talented people along the way. In total, we managed to fit in six shoots, each in a unique and special location.

3 people wearing cove clothing walking up hill

We also launched a podcast called Discover the Unknown which is hosted by Lydia Cooke! Check it out on our site or wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.

To Come

2022 looks to be a massive year for Cove! The main focus for me is to look inwardly at Cove and how the business could improve on its core proposition - Quality Sustainable Clothing. Based on the feedback we’ve had so far, everyone is loving the quality of our products! So to start, I’m going to be looking for new innovative ways that we can further reduce our carbon footprint.

Of course, we’re also bringing new products. From new graphic tees to entirely new products, stay tuned and keep your 👀 peeled.

Also, I’m so excited that we’ve partnered with a handful of fantastic independent retailers to get Cove products into physical shops! There will be more info to follow on this

Thank You

Despite the huge obstacles this year has thrown Cove’s way, I am really proud of the progress we have made and are very grateful to everyone who has supported the business so far. Here’s to even more progress in 2022!


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