Meet The Founder

Core Philosophy

Cove began with a simple desire to do better.

Tom, our founder, has always loved an adventure and strived to have a positive impact wherever possible. Whilst studying Geography at University he became invested in innovative and sustainable initiatives. Frustrated at the surprising lack of sustainable clothing, Tom began to ask questions to those around him and quickly realised the potential and his drive to make a brand a reality.

In December 2019, Cove was born with the ambitious goal. Not only to create truly sustainable clothing but to empower a community of adventures to push themselves out of their comfort zone and to make memories that could last a lifetime.


I've had a lot of help along the way!


Core Concepts

Social media has had seismic influences on all aspects of life. It has transformed everything from communication habits, spending patterns and travel. Researchers show that my generation is now the loneliest generation to ever exist. They attribute much of which is directly to false perceptions and subsequent inaccurate interpretations of others online.

Moreover, sustainable clothing is simply too expensive. Global brands continue to charge extortionate prices whilst also lacking transparency. Therefore, in a bid to address both of these issues, I dreamt up Cove (whilst surfing in Cornwall!).


What Cove Means To Me:

Therefore, to me Cove aims to directly tackle these two fundamental issues. First and foremost, Cove is a clothing brand. Yet we are doing it responsibly. I was adamant to put certain initiatives in place such as planting 10 trees for every sale, always using the most sustainable materials and being plastic free.

However Cove is so much more than just an environmental clothing brand. We are building a vibrant community of go-getters, adventure seekers and wanderers. Together, we can create long lasting memories all the while being sustainable.