Summer Range Launch

Summer Range Launch

Our Summer Range is Out Now!

After months of work in our most challenging period to date, we have finally launched our new summer t-shirt range.

Our summer range consists of two different ranges: our flagship 'Reborn' range alongside our 'Organic' range. Both ranges come in mens and womens. As expected, our organic range is made from 100% Organic cotton (produced in factories powered by green energy). However our new reborn range is literally made from waste! We take the discarded organic materials from the textile industry and repurpose them to create our new reborn fabric! Furthermore, we have upped our environmental commitments in an effort to remain at the forefront of the sustainable fashion industry! For every product we sell from now on, we will plant 10 trees!

Read about the new ranges below!

Three girls on beach with colourful t-shirts

Meet Reborn

The “Born to be Outdoors” tee is made from 100% recycled material which was heading to landfill. We save the discarded organic cotton from the textile industry and blend it with post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Both of these materials are then re-purposed to give us the super soft, high quality “ReBorn” fabric!

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Our Organic Range

As the name suggests, our organic range is made from 100% organic cotton. However, our organic cotton is cultivated and collected in line with the highest labour standards. Furthermore, all of our factories run on green energy, which further helps to reduce carbon emissions! The organic range features our simple 'Kernow' design and comes in 4 natural colours; blue, pink, black and green!

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