May Update

May Update

During this lockdown, we often find ourselves dreaming of better times. But that just seems to make this current situation worse because we wish we were there and not here…

The only way we are going to get through this is with the right attitude. It’s tough for everyone, no matter your situation. Instead of wishing we weren’t in this situation, we’ve tried to capitalise and come up with new ideas and plans on how to grow Cove into the brand we truly want it to be.

However it has been a tough few weeks. Our supply chains have seized which is an extra bummer given all the work that has gone in behind the scenes to our summer range. Don’t worry, it’s still coming, it just might be slightly delayed (as everything is!).

As a team we are also separated. Regular glitchy FaceTime calls and virtual chats have been core to our progress but as frustrating as ever! However we have a lot planned!

Over the next couple of months we’ll be launching the following:

  • Our summer 2020 collection (new tees, hats and accessories)
  • Shooting a promo vid with our favourite creatives
  • Re-stocking our online shop (with full ambassador benefits)
  • Releasing a wave of new content on social media
  • Running competitions to products from us and our partners on social media
  • Launching a new photographer series on our journal

So despite the lockdown we will be busy! We can’t wait to share our new products and content with you and hope that you all like it as much as we do!


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