With a revitalised focus on our fundamental philosophies, we're back more determined and focused than ever.

Since the very beginning Cove has had two core foci; inspiring adventure and forging a new sustainable norm within the fashion industry. Despite Cove's journey being somewhat interrupted by unprecedented global circumstances, we are more driven than ever to deliver on our mission. With new team members, collaboration and products we've taken Cove into new territories.

Our Core Philosophies

Discover the Unknown

Cove itself was born out of an adventure. Tom, our founder, was out for a sunset surf in Cornwall at the end of a 250 mile road-trip when the first ideas of starting this brand began to form. Since then, we have embarked on many (what seem mental at the time) adventures to new places with new people. Those trips have turned into exciting new ventures, collaborations and friendships. In fact it's how our latest team member, Callum, came to be apart of our brand.

"The best adventures are found just one step out of your comfort zone."

Next time an opportunity presents itself. Say YES. It might feel uncomfortable at first, or even scary. Sometimes things will go wrong or won't work out, but more often than not, you'll be glad you took the chance. Power through the discomfort, take the risk and enjoy crafting those memories that will last forever.

In an effort to further spread this message, we have created a new series called 'Discover the Unknown'. Over the coming weeks and months, we will be publishing regular posts, interviews, newsletters as well as our new podcast in the hope that we can inspire our audience to Discover the Unknown.


We are setting ourself apart from other brands by doing things different. We don't compromise and never green-wash. The fashion industry needs change and it needs change now. Globally, corporations abuse their workers and destroy the environment in a bid to line their own pockets. Multi-national corporations continue to get away with it simply due to the vast amounts of profit, and thus taxes, that they bring to their host country. It is time for changeand we will do all we can to force this change by simply pioneering a sustainable alternative. However we cannot do it alone. We need our eco-conscious community to share our message with others and avoid corporations who simply aren't good enough.

Our Commitments:

  • Plant 10 TREES per sale
  • Always use Bio-Degradable packaging
  • Use factories that run on green-energy
  • Only use GOTS certified 100% Organic Cotton
  • Use local manufacturing wherever possible

New Products

After enjoying an incredibly successful summer launch, we knew we had to come back in style with new products for Autumn.


Over the last few months we have been working hard behind the scenes to craft the new products necessary to take Cove to the next level. Naturally, the next product for us was a hoodie and we knew that if it were to form the staple product of our brand, it had to be spot on. We set about sourcing the most sustainable materials possible, without compromising whatsoever on quality. After sifting through various materials, we settled on a blend of 15% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester whilst the remaining 85% comprised of 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton. The end result was simply the best quality and fitting hoodie any of us has ever felt, whilst also being as sustainable as possible. To date, we have launched our hoodies in 6 colours and they are already our best selling product!

3 boys sitting on rocks wearing hoodies


Furthermore, as summer drew to a close, we knew that it was time to deliver another graphic tee to run alongside our original Born To Be Outdoors Tee. In order to be as true to our foundations as possible, we launched our Discover the Unknown tee as part of our autumn collection. Made entirely from super soft organic cotton, the design ensures that everyone knows you are an adventure seeker!

However, we didn't stop there. As part of our Autumn range, we launched our new and improved unisex tees in 3 new colours to co-ordinate with our hoodies! The feedback so far has been nothing but positive. You can check them out here!

Group of 5 people wearing new cove t-shirts

New Collaborations

Imperative to taking Cove to the next level is building on and exploring new collaborations with talented creatives. We have been incredibly fortunate to have met our epic models, photographers, videographers and partners. Without them we couldn't have done any of this and we are immensely grateful.

Kernow From Above

We were so stoked to introduced Matt (the talent behind KFA) as our creator of the month for September. Over the last few months that we have been in contact, we has become a great friend of the brand. Soon, we are launching a new collaborative product as well as a new commercial and cannot wait for you all to see it!

Featured Creators

Every month we have been running a feature creator series where we showcase our favourite creative's work on our site alongside their journal post. Our community have been loving gaining the insight these renowned creators have to share and those lined up for the next few months will not fail to disappoint! You can read the latest one here!

Callum Thompson

Renowned throughout Cornwall for his photography, Callum has formed an invaluable part of our team. As our new head of photography, it has been his responsibility to co-ordinate photoshoots in a wide variety of locations in order to best showcase our latest and greatest products. Callum is shooting commercially across the South-west and we cannot recommend him enough. You can visit his new website here to check his work out and book him!

Spydr Digital

We simply would not be where we are today without our digital partner - Spydr. They provide everything from our award-winning website to our social media marketing strategy. Throughout the pandemic we have had to adapt and Spydr ensured that we did so in the most effective manner possible.

New Shops

Finally, we are so excited to announce that we have partnered with new likeminded stores across England. They all believe wholeheartedly in our fundamental ethos and as a result you can grab our latest products in a shop near you! Keep your eyes peeled for updates as we announce their locations.


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