August Update

It is a tough time for everyone at the moment. However we have been embracing this slower period to ensure that Cove exceeds expectations.

Following the launch of our first ever product in February, we were all so excited to see what the future holds. We had dreams of launching new products each month, having a roaring season in Cornwall and taking Cove to great heights immediately. However, the world soon changed and consequently, so did our plans.

As April came around, we were in the midst of lockdown. Unable to shoot our new products or travel down to restock our shops, things felt a little gloomy. However as a team we've kept a positive mindset and decided to use this unprecedented time to our advantage. In the middle of every difficulty, lies opportunity!

Whilst we couldn't go off on an adventure, as a team we set about learning new skills, (e-)meeting new people and creating new opportunities. Over the lockdown we set about designing new products and planning effective new marketing strategies. Both of which we cannot wait to share with you! We also expanded, to incorporate some epic new like-minded people on to our team.

Our (New) Products

Over our first 6 months, we wanted to ensure we nailed a staple t-shirt that everyone loved. We have spent ages perfecting the fit, feel, colour-ways and environmental fundamentals. Having trialled over 10 different variations, we are thrilled with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we have received. Our Organic Kernow tee now comes in six colours, in 5 true sizes and in a Mens / Womens split. The support for this tee has been astronomical and we have already sold out three times!‍

Likewise, our Born To Be Outdoors (BTOB) Reborn tee has also proved immensely popular. Our community seems to really resonate with our slogan and love the graphic! However, our epic community have relayed how much they align with our Reborn material. Wearing a product made from 100% waste materials, in factories running on green energy and planting 10 trees whilst doing so, makes it the ultimate sustainable t-shirt.

However, the time has come to take Cove to the next level. Behind the scenes we have been crafting our next products. Ensuring that we continue to meet the highest environmental standards without ever compromising on quality has proved difficult, however we are so pleased with the results.

Essential Collection

Our next launch will comprise of our fundamental products. We have crafted this range to embody everything that we stand for: adventuring sustainably. Core to this collection is our new Essential Hoodie. Launching in 3 colours and across 5 sizes, this hoodie is designed to be smart enough to be worn out in the city, but pure enough to be pulled on to warm you up after a long surf. Premium in quality but minimal in design, we cannot wait for you to see it.

Alongside our new hoodie, we are also launching new tees. These new designs incorporate everything we stand for and will add to our graphic BTOB tee. Furthermore, we have exciting collaborations with some awesome brands such as Wavehunters, Kernow From Above and Kudhva.


Although this period has been tough, we have been busy. Cove is in a fantastic place and our amazing community are responsible for a huge amount of our growth. As a team, we are so excited for our essential collection to launch and for our partnerships with other brands to come to fruition. With a solid team, strong foundations and great ideas, we cannot wait to see where we get to.

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