As the world grinds to a haul, it's time to pause

The unprecedented global situation has left us all feeling anxious and down in the dumps. We're finding it is the not-knowing that is the hardest. Do we go into work, should we go and look after our elderly, is it safe to go shopping etc...

It's easy to find yourself a little depressed at the thought of self-isolating for weeks on-end; we know that we all are. But perhaps this forced pause might be a good thing. If you can, why not do the things you always want to do but never quite get time: plan an adventure, read a book or binge watch that new Netflix show.

We have been through disasters in the past, and we will get through this one. No one knows how long it will last, or what the true effects of it are going to be, but until we do, stay strong and keep going. After all, a forced break might not be too bad!

Remember, it is only a pause. Your next adventure will wait for you.


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